MixТone Studio was founded in 2020 by Kiril Atanasov and Kostadin Momirov. It is inspired by family traditions passed down to three generations of musicians. In the 90's Kiril Atanasov Sr. creates the brand Mixtone for his musical instruments shop in Sofia, and in 2009 the Rehearsal Room opens its doors for the Bulgarian professional musicians, artists and amateurs.

The studio specializes in audio and video projects, all described under our services. We find the process of creating your project starting from our first meeting to presenting the final result highly motivating and driving us towards continuous growth and development.

The studio has modern equipment, incl. hardware and software, with the help of which we are able to fulfill every artistic wish or requirement and always deliver within the given deadlines. MixТone Studio is thriving and succeeding by prioritizing the client and their wishes. Thanks to years of extensive professional experience we're able to offer recording, editing and montage of your projects, along with diverse complimentary services. We are not only your partners, consultants and source of inspiration, but also competent and flawless-seeking leaders in the world of unlimited possibilities that is your project.

All projects published on the website are developed solely by our team. We do not present any foreign works nor post ads. You are currently browsing through a website where the authors do not hide their identity and welcome you for a free consultation at any chosen time.

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