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Experience & Traditions

MixТone Studio was founded in 2020 by Kiril Atanasov and Kostadin Momirov. It is inspired by family traditions passed down to three generations of musicians.


Modern Equipment

The studio has modern equipment, incl. hardware and software, with the help of which we are able to fulfill every artistic wish or requirement and always deliver within the given deadlines.


We listen to you

MixТone Studio is succeeding by prioritizing the client and their wishes. We are not only your partners, consultants and source of inspiration, but also competent and flawless-seeking leaders in the world of unlimited possibilities.

Customer Reviews

“I have the pleasure to work with MixTone studio for the production of advertising campaigns of consumer self-care medications for the past 3 years. Their unique advantage is the combination of professional audio video production services and artistic knowledge which is enormous value for me as marketeer. I trust the guys from MixTone as my partners in my company’s brands growth.”

“I highly recommend MixTone Studio as partners for creating audio and video production both for internal goals (such as corporate promo videos) and for educational and advertising goals - ads localization, professional voiceover, podcast production and everything else your brand might need to create brand awareness and achieve its business goals!”

“Always a great time at MixTone Studio, great place, equipment and a homely vibe. All MixTone staff are always welcoming, they help us with anything we need, and are happy to lend a hand in recording our sessions. For our band, this support is golden. Live music lives @MixTone Studio”


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Sofia 1618, Bulgaria

Maystor Aleksi Rilets str. 9A

Visit Us

Sofia 1618, Bulgaria

Maystor Aleksi Rilets str. 9A

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